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SAISON/6.8% ABV - Our flagship Saison Born from a series of test batches begun in Gordon Schuck’s backyard. 2012 Great American Beer Festival gold medal-winning Saison. Passion fruit, tangerine, lemon verbena, ginger and black pepper. Pairs well with high-fives. 

TROPIC KING/8.0% ABV - Originally designed to be a hoppier version of our flagship Saison, the accidental (but fortuitous) addition of two extra bags of Munich malt balanced the hop leaving us this very unique Imperial Saison. Notes of passion fruit, mango, peach, ginger and pepper. Pairs well with hula hooping. 

NELSON SAUVIN/7.6% ABV - Single hopped Saison with a unique New Zealand variety, Nelson Sauvin. White wine characteristics. Gooseberries, honeydew melon and a hint of spiciness. Pairs well with edible packing peanuts in hollandaise sauce.

RASPBERRY PROVINCIAL/4.2% ABV - Belgian-Style Sour Fruit Ale. We took a test batch of our sessionable sour summer ale, Provincial, and added a heavy dose of raspberries. Notes of lemon zest and tart raspberries. Pairs well with cloud watching. 

CASCADE/6.6% ABV - Well recognized for their fruit, citrus and spice notes, Cascade hops naturally compliment the fruity esters found in a Saison. The Cascade variety was developed through open pollination of a Fuggle hop seedling and released in the 1970s. We hope you enjoy our showcase of the hop that has since become the most popular variety in craft brewing. Floral notes complimented by citrus fruit and a hint of spice. Pairs well with chasing waterfalls.

SOLENNA/6.3% ABV - Solenna pairs the fruitiness of a traditional Belgian yeast strain with the subtle spicy character of Brettanomyces and the floral notes of German hops. Notes of candy apple, cinnamon and fresh-cut grass give way to a dry finish and a firm lingering bitterness. Pairs well with longer nights.

PAISLEY/7.0% ABV - Saison fermented with one Sacchromyces and two Brettanomyces yeast strains. Notes of tropical fruits and a hint of Brett funkiness. Pairs well with roller skating and Sooooooooul Train.

BROTHER RUEBEN'S TRIPLE/8.8% ABV - Rueben himself contacted us about brewing a Triple, one of his favorite styles of beer, for Rueben's Burger Bistro in Boulder, CO. We loved the idea and happily agreed. Inspired by the traditional beers of Belgium, this beer is full of fruit esters and a dry finish. Notes of pineapple, bubblegum and citrus. Pairs well with burgers.

BLANC/7.5% ABV - In alliance with River North, friends and fellow lovers of Belgian yeast, we bring you two unique yet complimentary Saisons. Each of the beers blend both breweries' house saison yeast strains. The beers each take on their own complexion from there. Blanc is a traditional light Saison supplemented with chardonnay grapes and subsequently aged in Chardonnay barrels for over two months. Pairs well with burner phones.

SAISON AGED IN RED WINE BARRELS/7.2% ABV - We took a batch of our Great American Beer Festival gold-medal winning flagship Saison and let it age in red wine barrels. The oak smooths the effervescent and spice notes of the Saison and adds amplifies the fruit characteristics. Pairs well with an extended pinky finger.

DECEIT AGED IN RUM BARRELS/9.0% ABV - Our award winning Belgian-style golden ale, Deceit, was aged in oak rum barrels to produce this strong yet deceptively smooth brew. This beer pours a beautiful golden color with alluring aromas. Notes of pineapple and a hint of coconut with the complexity of spice and oak. Pairs well with an eyepatch and a peg leg.

BRAMBLE/7.6% ABV - A barrel-aged dark saison brewed with brettanomyces and blackberries. Subtle sweetness from the added dark candy sugar plays against the fruit tartness and funk from the wild yeast. Pairs well with your dad, who rambles.

TEN/10% ABV - (Formerly known as Quad) Inspired by the Dark Strong beers of Belgium Malt-forward aromas with dark fruit notes, but a dry and balanced finish. Notes of toffee, chocolate, raisins and plums. Pairs poorly with scissors. 330 mL bottle pour only at this time.

DECEIT/8.5% ABV - Inspired by Belgian Tripels and Golden ales, this Belgian-Style Golden Ale is deceptively palatable as the alcohol percentage is masked by complex characteristics introduced by our unique belgian yeast strain. This gold medal winning beer is full of pleasant fruit notes that carry the beer to a dry finish that will leave you begging for more. Pairs well with half-hearted apologies. 330 mL bottle pour only at this time.


Cellar List  

These selections of rare vintages from previous years are available in bottles to enjoy in the taproom or for you to take home.

BARREL-AGED DECEIT 2015/9.0% ABV - Our award winning Belgian-style golden ale Deceit was aged in a variety of oak barrels for 18 months to 2 years to produce this strong yet deceptively smooth brew. Aromas of fresh apple and crisp white wine. Spicy notes compliment the complex characteristics pulled from the oak barrels. Pairs well with a well aged fruitcake you found from 2 holidays prior.

MOKRA/7.2% ABV - Brettanomyces is a wild yeast strain that can give beer interesting, exotic fruit flavors. Of course there are times when Brett can be a fickle fellow. The Brett strain we threw into this brew was particularly defiant so we gave it a 'time out' for a year and a half in Bourbon barrels. This experiment took some time but came together and developed into a delightful brew. Notes of coffee, cocoa nibs and a hint of fig. Pairs well with time outs.