Bluminoso • Barrel-Aged Wild Ale with Blueberries • 6.8%

Aged in a variety of barrels for over three years, this sour blonde ale was enhanced with over 460 pounds of vibrant blueberry puree. The range of barrels, the use of aged lambic hop varieties, and the addition of diverse wild organisms, all come together harmoniously to give this beer wild characteristics and bright sour notes. Notes of tart blueberries and fruity funk. 

Pairs well with practicing meditation.


Kriek • Belgian-Style Fruited Lambic Ale • 6.5%

Produced from a blend of beers that were aged in a variety of different oak barrels for 2.5 to 3.5 years, we’re proud to say this lambic features Colorado-grown, tree-ripened Montmorency cherries. Within 24 hours of harvest, 55 pounds per barrel of these fresh cherries were pitted and added right into the fermenter alongside the blended beers. Now pucker up and get ready to imbibe in this complex, sweet, yet sour ale. Notes of light fruity esters with flavors and aromas of bright, tart cherries. 

Pairs poorly with sneaking around the house.

Pat & Gordon's Excellent Adventure • Red Wine Barrel-Aged Dark Brett Saison Ale • 8.5%

Pat & Gordon’s Excellent Adventure is a collaborative brew created by our head brewer and co-founder, Gordon, along with his long time BFF and fellow brewer, Pat. This dark saison aged for 2 years in red wine barrels with multiple Brettanomyces strains and souring cultures where it gained slight tartness from it’s long rest. Notes of pineapple and malt-derived, light toastiness. 

Pairs well with reminiscing.