Funkwerks was founded in December of 2010 by Gordon Schuck and Brad Lincoln.

Let's rewind to 2007: Gordon’s brewing skills and recipe ingenuity landed him with a gold medal-winning Saison at the National Homebrew Competition. Meanwhile, Brad’s was crunching numbers as an accountant in Portland, and his habit of drinking beer after a long day was turning into a full-blown passion for craft beer. The dynamic duo first met during the winter of 2009 while attending the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago. They were both studying Brewing Science. After being immersed in beer for the better part of five months, the two graduated with flying colors and discovered that they shared a mutual desire to open a brewery. With Brad’s numbers-know-how and Gordon’s super-star-palate, Funkwerks was born.

Saisons originated as Belgian farmhouse ales, brewed for farm workers during summer months. Known for having a dry profile and complex fruity aromas, the Saisons of today are brewed year-round and generally have a higher alcohol percentage than their historic counterparts.

Although Funkwerks, through the years, has focused primarily on Saisons and sours, they've allowed for plenty of room for experimentation and now offer a range of Belgian and American styles, barrel-aged small batches, and other specialty brews.

Now for some important and necessary boasting: 


Small Brewing Company of the Year: Great American Beer Festival® 2012
SILVER • Saison • French- & Belgian-Style Saison Great American Beer Festival® 2011
GOLD • Saison • French- & Belgian Style Saison Great American Beer Festival® 2012
GOLD • Deceit • Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale Great American Beer Festival® 2012 
SILVER • Deceit • Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale World Beer Cup® 2014
• Raspberry Provincial • Belgian-Style Fruit Beer Great American Beer Festival® 2014
BRONZE • Deceit • Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale World Beer Cup® 2016
• Saison • Classic Saison Great American Beer Festival® 2017
GOLD • Oud Bruin • Belgian-Style Oud Bruin or Flanders Red Ale World Beer Cup® 2018
BRONZE • Sauvin Reserve • Festival of Wood & Barrel-Aged Beer 2018
SILVER • Oud Bruin • Belgian-Style Sour Ale World Beer Cup® 2022