March 4, 2019 — FORT COLLINS, CO — Funkwerks is heading east with the expansion of its distribution footprint to include two new US states—Ohio and Kentucky. The new expansion will introduce Funkwerks’ niche-specialized craft beers on draft, in 6-packs, and in variety 12-packs available via Heidelberg Distributing in Ohio and Kentucky this week.

Draft and 6-pack offerings of Funkwerks select year-round beers— Funkwerks Raspberry Provincial, Saison, Tropic King, and their newly released White — will be available in select, craft-centric establishments across Ohio and Kentucky followed by the latest rendition of Winky’s Snack Packs that include Saison, Raspberry Provincial, Deceit, and White.

“We are excited to bring our beer to both Ohio and Kentucky,” explains Funkwerks Co-founder and President, Brad Lincoln. “Both of these areas seem to be teeming with people craving more craft beer and we think Funkwerks will be a great fit.”

Funkwerks invites you to join their team at the following launch events:
March 5 - XYZ Tavern from 7-9pm, Cleveland, OH
March 6 - Bob’s Bar at 6pm, Columbus, OH
March 7 - Pint House at 6pm, Columbus, OH
March 8 - Market District Kingsdale at 6pm, Columbus, OH
March 8 - Buckeye Beer Engine from 5-8pm, Lakewood, OH

March 26 - Louisville Beer Store from 5-7pm, Louisville, KY
March 26 - Kaiju at 7pm, Louisville, KYMarch 27 - Shamrock Bar & Grille (Patchen) from 5-7, Lexington, KY
March 28 - Sapphire Room at 7pm, Covington, KY

Funkwerks’ beer is available in select locations across ten states including Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, California, Nevada, and now Ohio and Kentucky.

For more information about Funkwerks and their expanded footprint to Ohio and Kentucky, contact Emily Hutto at

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