March 11, 2019  FORT COLLINS, CO— Following an exclusive release in the latest iteration of Winky’s Snack Packs, Funkwerks is proud to release White in 6-packs and on draft across the brewery’s distribution beginning in March.

Refreshing and crisp, White is a Belgian-style Wit, pale in color and opaque with a creamy white head as a result of ample amounts of wheat used in the recipe. The addition of raw oats gives this brew a smooth mouthfeel while providing a clean, dry finish. Brewed to be an easy-drinking 4.8% ABV and an optimal thirst-quencher, White is delicately balanced with a perfect blend of spices which accentuate its Belgian yeast characteristics.

In 1995, Funkwerks Co-founder and Head Brewer, Gordon Schuck spent the majority of his time bike racing and little time drinking flavorful beers. During this time, a close friend introduced him to Celis White, a Belgian-style witbier with origins in the revival of the style through the US. Celis was the first beer that really stood out to Schuck and helped spark his passion for craft beer. In 2003 Schuck began home brewing with an attempt to recreate Celis White as his first recipe.

Meanwhile, Funkwerks Co-founder and President, Brad Lincoln was traveling around the US stopping at various different breweries and trying all the beers he could. While at a small brewery in Bozeman, MT, Lincoln noticed that everyone in the brewery was drinking the same white ale. He asked the beertender what he recommended and unsurprisingly, he recommended their white. Lincoln ordered the same white ale and it remained in his mind as something special.

These separate experiences with white-style beers lead Gordon and Brad’s desire to brew White when Funkwerks first began. Over the years the recipe has changed, the beer has come and gone and come again—but it has always been called White. “White beers are generally difficult to brew because you want them to be balanced, drinkable, and subtle,” explains Schuck. “We’ve made a White beer since we first opened, changing the recipe every time, trying to brew something that gives us that same feeling that we felt with our white beer experiences.” Brad Lincoln adds, “White is our Everest of beers; each time, we have gotten closer to the summit. It’s now, after almost a decade of working on this beer, that we may have finally conquered it.”

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Mar 16, 2019

I will be in fort Collins around May 25th do you have any great deals or special events going on then? I can’t wait to try so many great beers.


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