April 4, 2017 – FORT COLLINS, CO —Now available in Colorado and across Funkwerks’ eight-state distribution footprint are new 6-packs of its year-round brands.

Six-packs of Funkwerks year-round beers— Funkwerks Saison, Tropic King, Raspberry Provincial, and Pineapple Provincial will replace the brewery’s original 4-packs. Select Funkwerks’ Limited Releases will remain available in 750ml bombers in select states. 

“As we grow and expand into other markets we wanted to become more accessible to the consumer. Transitioning from 4-packs to 6-packs allows us to focus on our top sellers and distribute those brands more widely across multiple markets” explains Brad Lincoln, Funkwerks President and Co-Founder. 

“This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Lincoln continues. “We have worked closely with our distribution partners over the past 8 months to bring us to this next step in our mission to bring our favorite styles of beer to a wider audience.”

This new package format is currently available in Arizona, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Missouri and will be rolling out through the month of April in Colorado stores. 

Missouri and will be rolling out through the month of April in Colorado stores.

Full press release here.

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