Brewhouse 101

Originally Posted - Saturday, February 13, 2010


We've begun assembling the equipment for Funkwerks Brewhouse 1.0 over the past month. When I say 1.0, I mean 1.0 barrels. Truly a nano-brewery by any standard but it's a start. This pilot system will enable us to move forward with our licensing and produce our initial batches of beer. This system has step mash capability enabling us to use various grains and adjuncts. We will also utilize the more traditional open fermentation.


Our first fermentation with our new three yeast blend went very well. Unfortunately, that beer was destined to be aged on Brett so we will have to wait until batch 7 is finished to get a more accurate comparison to our previous batches. We are also trying the French Saison yeast as a possible house yeast. It has some advantages over the Dupont strain from a production stand point. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Dupont strain despite it's quirkiness. We will see how the French Saison yeast compares.




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