Funky Cocktails and Swanky Music at Ace Gillett's

Originally posted: December 12th 2014.

Every month the Funkwerks team gets together outside of work for some team bonding, kind of like the team bonding activities you did as a kid, except instead of trust falls and the 'human knot', we like to get together for some 'market research'. 

A couple of months ago, the Funky team decided to visit Ray, one of our favorite bartenders at one of our favorite bars in Fort Collins, Ace Gillett's. 

Ace Gillett's is an underground Jazz Lounge located under the Armstrong hotel in Old Town. Named after the founder of the Armstrong hotel; an entrepreneur who greatly influenced the development of downtown Fort Collins in the 1940's. If you haven't had the pleasure to visit, we strong recommend you schedule a date. 

Ace Gillett's is well known for their handcrafted cocktails, and they are ingenuitive and delectable. Ray concocted a few specialty Funkwerks cocktails for the Funkwerks gang that were too delicious to keep to ourselves. Ray was kind enough to give us the recipes to share!


The River Styx

4 oz Fresh Sqeezed OJ

1.75 oz Basil Hydens Bourbon

1 oz Amaretto Disaronni 

Circular Ball Ice

Fill to the top with Tropic King 3.5 oz 


Bloody Bastard

1 oz Dimmi (Dimmi has hints of Apricot and peach that pairs well with Tropic King)

.5 oz St. Germain

½ an organge  or 1 oz of OJ

2 oz of Red Wine

.25 oz Simple Syrup


Shake the above with Ice.


Strain over fresh ice. 


Fill with Tropic King and gently stir to mix.


The Strong Island Iced Tea

25 oz Vodka

.25 oz Gin

.25 oz White Rum

.25 oz Tequila 

1 full lime 

1 full lemon

.25 simple syrup


Stir the above together


splash of Cola

.25oz Cointreau 

Top with Tropic King

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