Funkwerks’ Production Facility Expansion

FORT COLLINS, CO (March 2016) – Funkwerks, the award-winning brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado, is preparing for a large expansion to their production facility. A shipment of two 60-barrel fermentation tanks and one 60-barrel brite tank is expected to arrive early March, adding an additional 50% total production capacity.


Experimental brews have always been a focus of Gordon Schuck’s, Co-Founder/Head Brewer, however “this past year we’ve been busy keeping up with the demand of Raspberry Provincial, Tropic King and Saison 4-packs. I am excited to finally have some extra capacity to devote to experimental brews.” Funkwerks brewed 3,500 barrels in 2015, an 80% increase from 2014. This year, Funkwerks expects to double their production and enter into new distribution territories.


Additionally, Funkwerks’ barrel program will be expanding. The number of oak barrels will double, allowing for an increase in production of sour ales and other barrel-aged brews. Brad Lincoln, Co-Founder of Funkwerks, is “really excited we will no longer be running out of beer, and to see our barrel program beers finally reach the channel.” The increase of oak barrels will allow for distribution of Funkwerks’ barrel-aged beers, including Oud Bruin, Peachy King and Barrel-Aged Deceit.


Thirsty? More funky brews are soon to come your way.

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