Raspberry Provincial Released in 4-packs

FORT COLLINS, CO (August 2015) – Raspberry Provincial will soon be available in 4-packs for customers to enjoy the same Raspberry goodness in a smaller, more convenient bottle. The first packaging date is set for August 7th, 2015. 4-packs will be directly available to taproom customers, and will hit the liquor stores in Colorado shelves by the end of August, and the rest of distribution will start to see Raspberry Provincial 4-packs in September.  

Raspberry Provincial was a product of creativity, ingenuity and luck. “In the summer of 2013 we took a test batch of our sessional sour summer ale, Provincial, that didn’t quite hit gravity, and decided to have some fun with it! We added a heavy dose of raspberries" explains Gordon Schuck, Co-founder of Funkwerks. The end result was a delightfully tart fruit beer, and the fastest selling batch of beer in the taproom that has ever been produced.

At the Great American Beer Festival in 2014, Raspberry Provincial was awarded the gold medal in the Belgian-Style Fruit Beer category. After which, Funkwerks decided to brew it year-round and it has been in high demand in all of the available markets. Despite its bright pink hue, it has proved to have just as many male admirers as female since being released to Funkwerks’ distribution footprint.

Funkwerks started bottling in 330ml bottles last year. Brad Lincoln, co-owner/co-founder explains, “people tend to save larger bottles of beer for a special occasion or to share with others.” Smaller bottles provide more variety, accessibility, and the convenience of enjoying a single beer without the commitment of a larger bottle.

However, fermentation capacity limited Funkwerks to bottle to only Saison, Tropic King and Deceit in 330ml bottles. After the most recent expansion, Funkwerks now has the capacity to add Raspberry Provincial to the 4-pack line-up. 




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