Name- Punch

Style- Red Wine Barrel-Aged Saison

ABV- 7.2%

Our flagship Saison had never been aged on oak before now, and our curiosity was peaked. We received six red wine Puncheon barrels at the end of June and filled them with our Saison. A puncheon barrel is over twice the size of a regular oak wine barrel. Sitting for two months gives this beer subtle oak and red wine characteristics without being overpowering. 

Notes of passionfruit, ginger, black pepper, and red wine. 

Pairs well with starting your own fight club. 

Bottled on: Friday August 21st

Released: Friday August 28th

Why did you decide to brew it?

We wanted to see how Saison would barrel-age. 

Is it a Saison?


Interesting/Special brewing story-

Named Punch after the red wine Puncheon barrels it was aged in. The 6 puncheon barrels arrived days before we filled them. It was our first Puncheon barrels we’ve ever had. 

Is it barrel aged? Yes – red wine barrels. Not sour, but winey tartness. 

If yes- What type of barrels/where from/ how long-

Beer it might be comparable to- Saison

Can it be cellared? If yes, how long?  Cellar at your own risk.


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